B@1 is a Production Group that mainly works with underground music acts in an around California.

A collective of individuals that have a common goal.

To produce quality events with talented bands.

More than a production outfit,

B@1 is way of thought.


Our members are individuals who go above and beyond to bring to the public

what they normally wouldn’t find on their own.

Our willingness to work with other production organizations have brought admiration

and attention to our collective abilities.

B@1 Members want to show all we can at each and every one of our events, big or small.


We intend to bring all our Events to the World by Webcasting all the shows we can.

By recording our events live we wish to draw attention to those who work with B@1

by making their live performances available online.

Whether that be in the form of mp3 downloads, live stream, record releases or video production.


The music scene has changed.

We are changing with it.

To change it yet again.

To bring the power back to the artist.

Corporate Music would not exist without the underground.

Yet the music will continue without the Corporations that have tainted our industry.



get off the planet.